Graphicscalve’s history

A small artisan typography that over the years has been transformed into an important graphic industry, an innovative service company, attentive to change, but always with the same strong point: a real passion for printing

Founded 40 years ago as an artisan typography, the history of Graphicscalve has begun with the brothers Ezio and Walter Ferrari, feed by their authentic passion for printing, together they have been able to transmit charisma, a particular sign of  Val di Scalve, in  Bergamo.

Ambition and perseverance have led the small artisan industry to reach the dimensions of a real graphic industry, today led  by their children Alessandra, Silvia and Antonio, expanding both their factory in a second location, Costa di Mezzate, and their turn over thanks to important collaborations with publishing and industrial groups.

To diversify the offer, in 2011  the family decided to combine traditional offset and rotoffset printing with new services related to the world of transactional printing and direct mailing.

Following a corporate merger, Graphicscalve acquires Wave Post Srl, a company active in the transactional printing market, thanks to which Graphicscalve  can offer itself as a single provider for printing, customization, enveloping and sending correspondence (Business Communication) and advertising mailings (Direct Marketing).

The evolution of digital technologies has led Graphicscalve to invest significant resources in digital printing, with the aim to satisfy markets at 360°. The challenge for the future is to pursue a diversification process to support press services that are able to support customers in document evolution, which is not only paper.

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