Long-term strategies to drive customers in the evolution of the document, which is not only paper

With the development of new technologies, the advent of Internet and Social Networks, the paper is not only the main element of communication but one of several.

This is why we have already started a diversification process that we will continue over the years, with the aim of supporting traditional press services that are able to support our customers in the evolution of the document, which is not only paper.

The desire is to expand our range of services, moving towards new sectors, with the aim of continuing to carry out the activity for which we are born and at the same time with the aim of strengthening it.

To meet this need we have created a real partnership with DocTalent

Here some services:

  • realization of customized projects for the management of data, documents and communications;
  • creation of B2C and B2B web platforms with document composition, transpromo and e-commerce functions;
  • analysis process and monitoring services;
  • software creation for automation processes
  • products and services supply  for document management (document archiving, multi-channel shipping, digital signature, substitute storage);
  • documents distribution in several formats through multi-channel platforms (paper, email, PEC, SMS);
  • electronic archiving and substitute storage;
  • electronic invoicing.

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