Graphicscalve: the unique supplier for printing, customization, enveloping and promotional mailing shipment

Direct Mailing is a marketing technique that, compared to the classic forms of advertising, allows companies to communicate directly with their customers, allowing them to get own messages and creating a direct and durable relationship. It can be used to acquire, to develop, to retain and finally to recover the customer in case of abandonment.

We believe a lot in this form of communication and for this reason we have invested a lot. Today our structure allows us to guarantee the production of low and high runs and allows us to combine offset prints with customizations of digital prints, always with an objective: to personalize the communication.

We also take care about the entire process for printing promotional mailings: the database management, normalization of personal data, printing, customization, and enveloping with the possible addition of files and gadgets, postal order and delivery of the material to Poste Italiane or  to other delivery agents.

The Top Players of communication, large-scale distribution, non-profit associations are some of the markets interested in this type of service.

There are a lot of applications as cover envelopes with a strong impact of creativity, self-mailers, discount coupons, coupons, cards.